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I started a series of pieces that use nautical signal flags as inspiration. You can see my first piece here. In case you missed it, nautical signal flags have been used for over 100 years. There are 26 flags, each has a numerical and letter correspondence, and they can be used to spell out messages as a means of communication between ships. I’m not sure if they are still relevant today but their graphic appeal will live on even if they might be obsolete.

The letter W inspired this design. I used an old cabinet door that was cut in half to provide me with two wonderfully strong canvases to paint.

Started doing something kinda different with the sand paper. Instead of distressing, which is one of my favorite things to do, I used the sand paper as a drawing instrument and scratched lines into the surface in the same way I would sketch with a pen. Then I applied ASCP Dark Wax, trying to get the wax into the crevices that were made by the sand paper.

The wax was applied after it had been sitting in the sun for a while.. that made it easier to spread with minimal blotching! Yeah!

I’m thinking of hanging this piece outside, although it is for sale!

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