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Welcome to Martha Leone Design, a furniture redesign company based out of Reston, Virginia. I specialize in transforming furniture of the past into statement pieces of the present. As a graphic designer, I apply my knowledge of shape, line, color, space, and texture to transform mediocre furniture into bold functional art. I am committed to reworking furniture with fresh ideas and applying these ideas with paint, stain, and other decorative products.


My personal style varies as can be seen in my portfolio. From a classic finish on an antique dresser to a sleek glossy surface on a mid century credenza, I’ve refined my approach and enjoy redesigning furniture with the application of various finishes and styles. My work has been organized into six categories.

The design concepts found on some of my work are influenced by a background in corporate branding design, a love for the arts, and an interest in architecture and history. My work is driven by the emphasis of ideas which explore a contemporary expression of a furniture piece’s history. I’m also fascinated by the exploration of contrasts like dark/light, old/new, or textured/smooth. This detail of a recent piece highlights a signature look where contrasts in color and texture are explored.

Waterfall3f by MarthaLeoneDesign

Where you can find my work for sale
Peg Leg Vintage
a fantastic vintage modern store in the Washington, DC metro area.
9600 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, Maryland 20740



Custom Services
At Martha Leone Design, I offer custom services where a style from a piece in my portfolio can be reproduced or new look can be developed to suit your needs. I also work closely with customers to find vintage furniture. Use the form below to start a conversation with me:

Contact Please submit requests below.


Thank you for visiting Martha Leone Design,

Martha Leone

3 thoughts on “About / Contact”

  1. Yes, i supply furniture to sellers around the world. one of them is World Wide Furnishing in Hawaii, US. And until now, our manufacture has long term of mutual business relationship with buyers from Australia, Guatemala, Singapore, Malaysia and others.
    feel free to contact me if you need some information about furniture in Indonesia, especially Jepara, “the world carving center”. thank you Martha : )


  2. Wonderful, I have been reading your blog and I really like all of the pieces! especially the color combination!

    as a furniture supplier in Indonesia, i really admit that you are a talented. Keep working. I love your work, you do such a nice job.

    kindly regards,
    Ridwan Sunaryo, Indonesian furniture supplier.


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