Renee4 Mid Century by Martha Leone Design

“Martha did a fantastic job with this dresser. I told her what I liked from pieces on her site and she perfectly applied that to this dresser. I absolutely love it and found Martha to be an absolute delight to work with – it was all so easy!”  Renee B., Maryland

Gray-Cream5 Dresser by Martha Leone Design

“All aspects of this piece came out perfectly. I truly appreciate Martha’s patience, advice and promptness. The piece is just what I wanted and I am so excited to have it for years to come. Thank you Martha!”  Katharine R., Maryland

Peacock French3 by Martha Leone Design

“This piece is beautiful. It fits perfectly as a dresser in our bedroom and brings some much needed style and pop of color to the room. Martha picked the perfect fixtures and color when restyling this vintage piece – we love it!”  ML, Washington, DC

Waterfall3 by MarthaLeoneDesign

“Unique piece of furniture; simply beautiful!”  Tony G., NYC

#124c by Martha Leone design

“This piece turned out stunning. Martha was great to work with, making sure the design and color was exactly what we wanted. We would work with her in the future again!” -JN, Virginia

Customwhiteandgray Martha Leone Design

“Martha did a great job – she asked a lot of questions to understand my preferences and then started going, the end result is beautiful!” -BK, Washington, DC

77d MCM MarthaLeoneDesign

“The end product with custom paint job looks amazing! Martha was great to work with — highly recommend if you are looking for a special piece of furniture!”  Virginia customer

#114 MCM Dresser2 by Martha Leone Design

“Fantastic communication with seller! She was professional and personable and totally customized the piece for us. We love it!!” -KS, Alexandria, Virginia

79 Petite by Martha Leone Design

“Great seller and a beautiful piece of furniture!” -SB, Virginia

BrownGray credenza by Martha Leone Design

“This is a work of art. …it offers balance in place of stale symmetry and interest that manifests organically through the wood grains and their different, underworked, finishes. The restrained use of paint, both in color and in application, provide a subtle frame that brings unity to the piece. This is design at its best.”  JO, commenter on Apartment Therapy

“The piece looks like it would fit in a collection at MOMA. Your workmanship is impeccable and your artistic vision is both original and admirable.”   KY, commenter on Apartment Therapy




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