#124c by Martha Leone design


I’ve been in serious production mode since Thanksgiving, trying to finish the custom orders for 2014. Yikes. It’s been busy. Today, I’m sharing two wonderfully constructed pieces, both painted similar shades of gray. The long dresser is available in my etsy shop and the other piece was a custom order.

After a bit of clean up and light sanding, I mixed a custom gray color with plaster of paris mixture then proceeded to paint both two coats of gray. They were distressed then sealed with Minwax Wipe-On Polyurethane. The long dresser was first painted a lighter shade, then topped off with the charcoal color.

These dressers always provide a nice break from the mid century pieces that need far more prep and care. I’ve written many posts that detail how I prep and paint my mid century furniture. Or, peruse the MID CENTURY PORTFOLIO  where any image will take you to a post.


#124 by Martha Leone design

#124b by Martha Leone design



Maple Charcoal Buffet by Martha Leone Design

Maple Charcoal Buffet1 by Martha Leone DesignMaple Charcoal Buffet3 by Martha Leone DesignMaple Charcoal Buffet4 by Martha Leone Design



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