99 Red by Martha Leone Design 99b Red by Martha Leone Design 99c Red by Martha Leone Design 99d Red by Martha Leone Design 99e Red by Martha Leone DesignIn previous posts, I’ve written about the importance of teaching my kids how to manage money. When I started this business two years ago, it dawned on me that my kids could assist, helping with sanding, priming, etc. They eventually took on some of their own projects as they learned basic prep and painting techniques. This little partnership between my kids and me has grown to the point where now they buy furniture from me and do the work without much supervision. My involvement in their projects includes helping with choice in hardware and paint color, application of the sealer, photographing the finished piece, and posting it to etsy.

No. 99 is the latest piece by Grace, my 14 year old. The red paint has a transparent quality to it, even after two coats. It was sealed with Varathane water-based poly. It was offered for sale on etsy and craigslist and was sold in a week, much to the delight of my daughter!

Other samples of Grace’s work
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– She and I worked on this beautiful red piece together:

FairfaxDresser7 Martha Leone Design

Red Atomic Dresser

Anthony’s work

TV Console MarthaLeoneDesign1


Anna’s workAnna Table from leondesign

Gray Console2

79 Petite by Martha Leone Design  


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