photo 4

Ok. Well it’s no secret among those who follow my blog, friends, and family that I’m really into old furniture, especially early 20th century and mid-century pieces. In the bits of time I have to shop during the summer months, I’ve found a few beauties. Most of these have been found in the past few weeks and each piece is uniquely beautiful even before the transformation it will probably undergo.
↑  This mid century dresser is just too cool for words. I found it last week.

photo 3

↑  A super solid wood piece with a basic design. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this piece yet but do know that the beautiful solid wood top will get sanded and stained.

 photo 2

↑  This French Provençal buffet is tall and just downright beautiful. What a great find.

photo 1

↑  Lane end tables. They’re solid and clean. I’ll probably paint them glossy white and clean the gold accents.

photo 6

↑  Two wood end tables. The proportions of the skinny legs and the long heavy tops seem whimsical to me.

photo 5

↑  I’m reserving this piece for the friend who sold it to me. She has recently moved and if she finds a spot for it in her new house, I’ll redo it for her as a house warming gift. It’s super cool and made of solid wood. I’m not sure of its age. Is it late 18th century???

bassett wiht silverknobs

This is the matching dresser to my Bassett in Industrial Black and White. Thanks to my good friend Cynthia for finding this piece.

Petite Knapp Dresser

↑  This piece was constructed in the late 19th century. The knapp joints date it to exactly between 1870-1900 when these unique joints were used. If you want more info on this, check out my Knapp Dresser post. With the custom services part of my business growing, I won’t be getting around to developing ideas for these pieces any time soon which means they will need to be shoved to the side in my workshop to make room for custom pieces and Peg Leg Vintage pieces coming in. I think it’s time to rent a storage unit.

#91 Before

↑  This piece is reserved for Peg Leg Vintage. A matching tall chest and nightstand were recently completed in glossy black with silver accents.