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Thoughts on Design and Color
I’ve been developing my personal style and most enjoy my job when I’m creating bold statement pieces like this one. I’ve done other pieces in a similar style and thankfully, they have been well received by customers who want unique pieces of functional art for their home. If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed that most of my recent pieces are black and white. Two of my favorite colors, these neutrals lend well to this type of design when the composition is bold and a bit avant garde for the conservative Washington, DC market. Pairing my compositions with original hardware supports the desire to honor the origins of a piece of furniture.  I’m a sucker for original hardware especially when it’s as amazing as these bakelite pulls (not exactly sure if they’re bakelite).

More pieces like this one can be found here. If you missed the other waterfall dressers, here they are: Waterfall 1 and Waterfall 2.

This piece is available for sale.  UPDATE: SOLD and on its way to Brooklyn, NY.


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