Drexel3 B-W by MarthaLeoneDesignDrexel2 B-W by MarthaLeoneDesign Drexel B-W by MarthaLeoneDesign Drexel4 B:W by MarthaLeoneDesignThis is one of those monstrous pieces that we don’t attempt to bring inside for proper styling and photographing. It’s a monster… but a good looking one. This type of furniture isn’t my style but I can appreciate its construction and quality. It’s a Drexel and has been painted in two of my all-time favorite color combinations. I’ve always believed that the larger the piece, the more neutral it should be.

I hand sanded the piece then primed it with a water based gray-tinted primer. This preparation is necessary when you’re going to paint a piece with latex paint (as opposed to chalk or milk paint). Ultimately, this step wasn’t necessary as I changed my mind after priming. Instead of using latex paint only, I made a batch of black and white homemade chalk paint. After two coats, it was sanded and sealed with Varathane water-based polyurethane in satin and sold soon after.

Using black and white in our house
These are a few vignettes of our house. Brackets for the shelf on the kitchen back wall were purchased from Design2Create. The reclaimed piece of wood was purchased at Second Chance in Baltimore, MD. Photographs were taken by Rebecca with RCA Colors.  The white area underneath the shelf will eventually be tiled.
Kitchen Martha Leone Kitchen 3 Martha Leone kitchen 2 Martha Leone

I painted this platter from Ikea black and white.

Still Life Martha Leone

Here’s what it looks like before painting: