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Gatefold4 by MarthaLeoneDesignGatefold2 by MarthaLeoneDesignGatefold3 by MarthaLeoneDesign

These two pieces are too beautiful to paint. The gatefold table might date back to the 19th century but I’m not sure. I’ve probably diminished its value by sanding the top to the raw wood. I did that because it was in soar shape and needed refinishing. The legs boast the rich original finish and have few blemishes. Wow.

The birdseye serpentine maple dresser is one of the most pristine antiques I’ve ever seen. It was signed and dated 1900 on one of the drawers. I wonder if it was typical in that era for the maker or owner to sign their furniture. Either way, it gives me a glimpse into the dresser’s history. The birdseye texture is produced as a result of unfavorable growing conditions for the tree. The Sugar Maple attempts to start numerous new buds to get more sunlight, but with poor growing conditions the new shoots are aborted, and afterward a number of tiny knots remain.*

The gatefold table will be for sale in my etsy shop as soon as I can figure out how to price it. 🙂

Birds Eye3 MarthaLeoneDesignBirds Eye MarthaLeoneDesign Birds Eye2 MarthaLeoneDesign

* Source: http://www.wood-database.com/lumber-identification/hardwoods/birdseye-maple/