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bassett9 at Martha Leone DesignDesign Concept
This amazing Bassett dresser was slated to become a high gloss red piece. After sanding the top surface down to the raw veneer, I changed my mind, realizing that the finished piece needed to feel more industrial and less glamorous. The unadorned furniture design and original drawer pulls pushed my thinking in that direction so I followed their lead and painted it basic black and white then scribbled on the surface with rough sand paper. The legs were left untouched to fade in the shadows and thus create the impression of a floating platform underneath the drawers.

– Sanded the top with an orbital sander.
– Primed the base with Kilz tinted gray.
– Painted the base with two coats of a satin white paint.
– Painted the raw wood veneer top in one coat of Benjamin Moore Jet Black.
– Scribbled lines into the paint finish with 60 grit sand paper.
– Sealed the top with two coats Varathane Satin Water-Based Polyurethane.
– Did not seal the white base.

It’s available in my etsy shop.

The rare drawer pulls came with the dresser but if I ever need vintage hardware, I turn to my favorite supplier, Jill from Violette Slippers.

bassett at Martha Leone Design

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