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My favorite red of all time is Benjamin Moore AF-290. It can be viewed in its truest form if you take a look at a red desk that I did in the color. That post also details my process and introduces new products I’m using on a regular basis.

The original finish on this beautifully constructed dresser was dull and either needed to be sanded down and refinished or painted. I chose to paint.

Grace, my daughter, painted this dresser from start to finish (except for the painting of the pulls which I did because I was impatient to finish it while she was at school). All of my kids (14, and twins who are 13 years old) have been helping me with this business in the past couple of years. I’m hoping that they learn enduring lessons about the value of work and pick up a few pointers on running a business.

Examples of other work they have done: Anna did this beautiful little cabinet and Anthony did a gray TV console.

This red piece sold in just a few days after having posted it to Craigslist and my Etsy shop. Red sells fast!

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