Sometimes after finishing a dresser, I’m not ready to retire a design but at the same time, I’m eager to move on to another idea for my next piece. So what to do??

Introducing a new line of wall art in my etsy shop this week. I’m painting my design concepts on wood surfaces that can easily be shipped and produced in large quantities. To be honest, this is a developing idea and might morph into something else. But for now it’s working for me and I’m enjoying the look of these samples and think they reflect the feel of the inspiration pieces.

#1 cutting board MarthaLeoneDesign

Inspiration for #1MCM side table. Martha Leone Design

#2 cutting board MarthaLeoneDesign#3 cutting board MarthaLeoneDesign

Silver4a MarthaLeoneDesignclose up of #3

Inspiration for #2 and #3:#71g at MarthaLeoneDesign

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