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Black Glossy1 MarthaLeoneDesign

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These is a basic Kent Coffey dresser painted with a basic idea in mind. Do it solid, glossy, and neutral. So, when I paint a dresser like this one, I try to refine the paint technique and use new products that might improve the finish. I used two new products on this dresser: 1. Floetrol: added to the latex paint to keep it wet longer so that I can get a smoother finish. 2. Martha Stewart Metallic paint. Both can be found at Home Depot.

I usually leave a piece to cure for at least 5 days before sealing it if polyurethane is involved. It would probably be a better idea to allow for more curing time. When the time comes, I’ll seal it with Varathane Semi Gloss Polyurethane using the same criss-cross technique that I used with the paint.

Painted the four layers of black paint with a loose criss-cross technique. With this technique, the brush marks become an intentional part of the finish.

Benjamin Moore Aura Semi Gloss Carbon Copy

Black Glossy3 MarthaLeoneDesign

Black Glossy7 MarthaLeoneDesign

This piece is available (SOLD) at Peg Leg Vintage, a great new store that specializes in mid century furniture and accessories with industrial touches throughout the store.
9600 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, Maryland • 301-477-3423 • peglegvintage@gmail.com