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Design idea
This is a beautifully designed piece of furniture with great legs. Most intriguing part of this table were the brass caps. So I studied their curves and “drew” curves on the table top with Frog Tape then painted it a dark contrasting color to the raw wood.

A note about photo editing
Before having children, I was an art director in a corporate communications firm. I would spend lots of time whittling down scores of photos from a photoshoot to the one or two that worked the best. One shot would almost always prevail. However, there were those times when it was nearly impossible to make a choice. Well, after taking the photos of this piece, it was nearly impossible to select the few that would best represent it… should I include the props in the background?? I couldn’t decide so please forgive me… I’ve included more photos than I should… the progression with and without background props:

Progression without props in background Case MCM4 at MarthaLeoneDesign Case MCM5 at MarthaLeoneDesign

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• Sketched ideas… a must.
• The entire top was sanded to the raw wood first.
• Taped off design with Frog Tape.
• Painted Benjamin Moore Aura black. No primer was needed since I sanded the piece to the raw wood.
• It will be sealed with Varathane Satin finish.
• Restore-A-Finish was used on the legs.

Brass Cap Table Sketch


This piece is for sale (SOLD) at Peg Leg Vintage, a fantastic vintage shop in my area.
Their collection strikes a perfect balance between the timeless design of Mid-century Modern and industrial with touches of traditional throughout the store.


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