Gray Console2

Every now and then, I paint a piece of furniture in my favorite light gray. It’s safe and versatile and frankly, when a piece is as massive and heavy as this one, I want to sell it as soon as possible to get it out of my garage. It was photographed at the entrance of my garage with lots of stuff sitting in the background. I erased the distracting boxes and furniture from the background by using a tool in Adobe Photoshop and in so doing, the photo doesn’t look so bad.

I guess we all have our go-to colors. This I suppose, is mine. Although the vision for this furniture business includes more pieces like the X Bar, I do still find a good deal of satisfaction when I help a piece become useful and beautiful again.

This one sold within a few hours!Gray Console3Gray Console6Gray Console7

Gray Console1

The original furniture design for the piece did not include knobs. But the drawers are so heavy that knobs were necessary. I added simple black round knobs that seem to work well with the clean lines of the piece.

It’s for sale in my etsy shop.  SOLD