Midnight Owl Dresser1 at MarthaLeoneDesign

This Bassett dresser was so plain and that’s why I liked it.

I didn’t have enough owl drawer pulls. That problem created an opportunity. As I studied the owl paper, I noticed that the owl eyes were different from owl to owl. It seemed as though I could do that with the knobs as long as the knobs mimicked the owls’ eye shapes… concentric circles.

Midnight Owl Dresser3 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Midnight Owl Dresser7 at MarthaLeoneDesignMidnight Owl Dresser7 at MarthaLeoneDesignMidnight Owl Dresser5 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Midnight Owl Dresser2 at MarthaLeoneDesign

When painting a piece that will not be distressed, here’s what I do:
• sand it to rough up the finish
• Primed
• Painted three coats latex paint in a satin finish on the top and two on every other surface
• Sealed it with Varathane Satin Poly
Midnight Owl Dresser6 at MarthaLeoneDesign  Midnight Owl Dresser9 at MarthaLeoneDesign

50 inch Basset Dresser

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