Waterfall 1 MarthaLeoneDesign

Introducing another waterfall dresser designed with a similar concept as was done on my other waterfall dresser. If you’re interested in reading through my thought process behind the concept, read that previous post.

This waterfall piece came with beautiful hardware but after painting the dresser, the hardware didn’t work with the design. So off to etsy I went in search of drawer pulls from the same era and with similar subtle curves as the darker shapes on the dresser. I found them thanks to a fantastic shop. The authentic worn look was a bonus!

Waterfall 4 MarthaLeoneDesign

Waterfall 3 MarthaLeoneDesign

Waterfall 5 MarthaLeoneDesign

Waterfall 6 MarthaLeoneDesign

Waterfall 7 MarthaLeoneDesign

Waterfall 8 MarthaLeoneDesign

drawer pulls

Violette Sippers has a great selection of old, worn knobs and drawer pulls. Visit her etsy shop to get great stuff!

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This is available in my etsy shop!