I was at the paint store this morning waiting for the paint people at my local Benjamin Moore store to color match something (they did an incredible job), when I spotted this chair in an ad in the March 2013 issue of Dwell, designed by Kiyoshi Sadogaura for Conde House.

The chair caught my eye because it looks very similar to the mid century chairs I found at a yard sale this past weekend. The vintage chairs were constructed by The Jasper Chair Company and are covered either with leather or a very high quality vinyl. The underside is in pristine shape and the wood is either walnut or teak. Wow. Needless to say, the price I paid is less than the $1,430 price tag on the Conde House chair.

Jasper Chair 3

Jasper Chair 4


Conde House Chair: $1,430.

Jasper Chair 1

Jasper Chair Company: much less.