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French Blue Dresser 2 MarthaLeoneDesign

French Blue Dresser MarthaLeoneDesign

This dresser came to me in super bad shape. Three of the drawers were broken and it was coated in grime. I cleaned it and learned a thing or two about repairing broken drawers.

The basic idea with this one was to give it look and feel that was quite different from its roots. Instead of creme and soft, it became dark and glossy. The distressing was an afterthought and was done to detract from the streaks left by the sealer. To explain— I used a new sealer on this piece and found that it doesn’t work as well on painted finishes as it does on stained finishes. It left a few too many streaks for my taste although I was careful to apply it with the proper brush. It does work very well on stained finishes as you will see in some of my later posts.

I mixed a bit of black to my blue from the Knapp Dresser (below) and got the darker version of the color. The dresser was primed before painting.

Knapp Dresser Leonedesign.wordpress.com

My new go-to sealer for wood finishes is Varathane Floor Finish. It’s a water-based product that doesn’t yellow. I probably won’t use it on painted finishes again unless I discover how to produce a beautiful smooth application.

This is available in my etsy shop but I think it already has a buyer!

French Blue Dresser 3 MarthaLeoneDesign

French Blue Dresser 5 MarthaLeoneDesign

French Blue Dresser 6 MarthaLeoneDesign

French Blue Dresser 8 MarthaLeoneDesign


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