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Steeplechase Buffet 1

Resolved not to let two things happen as I build my business — 1. The garage will NOT get so over stocked with furniture that my kids risk concussions as they make their way to their backpacks and school shoes. 2. Our house will NOT morph into a furniture gallery as the furniture pieces await their new homes. It’s a challenge isn’t it?

The answer? If I want to move a piece quickly in order to make room for the next project, I paint it white or a neutral shade. Case in point — this piece was added to my etsy shop last week. I had a buyer 15 minutes later. That’s not the first time this has happened.

White is amazing and can sooo easily catapult a tired old buffet to new heights. However, it’s not my favorite go-to color for any piece of furniture although I understand why it has such appeal to the furniture-buyer.

1. Sanded the top with my new orbital sander. It’s an incredible little tool.
2. Cleaned the piece.
3. Painted it with homemade chalk paint.
4. Stained the top with one coat Minwax Dark Walnut Stain.
5. Sealed the entire piece with Minwax Wipe-on Poly. I don’t usually use poly on white pieces but the poly actually toned down the white a bit so I didn’t mind using it.

Original hardware was used which is something I love to do, especially when the hardware is as beautiful as this. It also serves as a reminder of the buffet’s origins.

Steeplechase Buffet 2

Steeplechase Buffet 3

Steeplechase Buffet 4

Steeplechase Buffet 5

Steeplechase Buffet 6

Steeplechase Buffet 7Beforephoto

Another example of a piece that sold quickly: This cute early 20th century piece was painted white and the top drawers were given a fresh coat of my favorite yellow color. White Antique at MarthaLeoneDEsignWhite Antique 3 at MarthaLeoneDEsign

Here’s a picture of the sander I purchased. It wasn’t my first choice but was in stock and I REALLY needed one for a big sanding job so I got this and am pleased with it.

orbital sander

Take a look at how well it works. The picture above shows the old dark stain and the raw wood after sanding. It took about 30 minutes to sand the entire top.

Steeplechase Buffet 3

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