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is the question we ask ourselves on those Saturday mornings when sleeping in till 8:30 would be oh so nice. Here’s my strong advice: If you’re looking for something for the house: furniture, lamps, ottomans, dishes, pots… get up and go! Just last week I went to Home Depot to pick up a thatching rake ($15) and went to Home Goods to buy a much needed good quality skillet (at least $40 for a Calphalon pan) and didn’t get either because of the price. I thought… perhaps I’ll find a better deal. Well… here’s what I found this morning while yard saling with my dear cousin!!

Solid wood and leather sitting chair:  $7

Gold guilded frame with picture:  $5 (Anyone want the picture? I bought it for the frame and think it’s kinda weird to hang portraits of unknown people in my house so let me know and I’ll mail it to ya).

Super cool stacking solid wood tables (?) Not sure what they’re for… perhaps ottomans or a low coffee table? All three were for $15. The table cloth on top was for $3!

My favorite find was for $1. It’s some sort of ottoman/sitting thing made of strong wicker. I’m going to have one of my kids spray paint it red or yellow for the basement to go with the gray dresser.

Oh, by the way, remember the rake and Calphalon pans I needed? Well, I found a thatching rake for $1 and a set of 4 Calphalon pans $5!

So, get up early next Saturday before having to rush off to your kids’ soccer games and buy a much needed item for a fraction of the price!