Hi again: Someone asked me to give a tutorial for the wall art I posted yesterday. Before the idea slips my mind and falls in the “posts I Wanted To Write But Never Did” folder, here goes:

1. Find a theme or set of images that work well together.

2. Measure the page size and determine the best canvas size for your project. I wanted my images to bleed off of the canvas  on all sides but couldn’t find just the right canvas size for that look so I bleed the images off on the left and right side and painted a border at the top and bottom of the canvas. So, lesson here is to be flexible and work with what you can find without blowing your budget for “just the right canvas size”

3. Measure and draw lines for the placement for all nine images because after mounting them, there’s no pulling them up! 

4. I used Archival Spray Mount for photos. Spray both the canvas and the image backs to get good adhesion. I’ve never worked with mod pog (don’t even know if I’ve spelled it properly) but I bet that glue product would work well.

Mount and enjoy!

There are endless possibilities for how you place your images on the canvas… for a more traditional look, you can center the images with a hefty canvas border around them. For a slightly contemporary look, do what I did with the images bleeding to the edges of the canvas. 

Feel free to post a question if you have one. 

So there ya have it, my five minute tutorial for books on the wall.